The All-New Turtle Bay Wailuku

The All-New Turtle Bay Wailuku

Available to order now, delivery due in shortly.


The All-New Turtle Bay Wailuku is our new Touring Board.


Designed for leisure, and touring with comfort, stability and glide in mind. The Wailuku has an abundance of load capacity, including space for a little one just up ahead of the paddler.  The Wailuku is constructed in our very own double skinned heat fused drop stitch material. Measuring 13' x 31" x 6", with a recommended 18-22psi. 



  • Double Skin Heat Fused Dropstitch.
  • High Grip & Comfort Deckpad.
  • Front & Rear Camera Mounts.
  • Front & Rear Luggage Straps.
  • 'Up Front' Child Seatin Space & Grab Handle.
  • Front & Rear Handles.
  • 18-22+ psi.


The Turtle Bay Wailuku comes complete with the Turtle Bay wheeled storage bag, central US fin box with 2 flexi side bites, 3pc fibre glass paddle, coil leash, 2 stage high pressure pump & repair kit.