SUP Foil TF1 Pelican

SUP Foil TF1 Pelican

Turtle Bay #1 Pelican SUP Hydrofoil.


**Available to order. Please allow 20-25 days for delivery.**


The Turtle Bay #1 Pelican brings you a high end carbon construction with excellent performance characteristics, with a buyer friendly price tag.

Ideally suited for beginner to intermediate level or small to medium size waves. The large front wing gives you an early take off and reasuring stability with steady control.

The Mast is available in two lengths, 650mm & 760mm. We recommend the shorter mast for beginners. When you're comforatable with the basics and you're looking to ride larger waves and you want more lift, it's time to move up to the 750mm mast.


Foil Kit Includes.

Front Wing.

  • Area
  • Width 862mm.
  • Length 272mm.
  • Weight 1260g.
  • Material Full 3K Carbon Fibre.


Stabilizer Wing.

  • Area.
  • Width 405mm.
  • Length 75mm.
  • Weight 140g.
  • Material Full 3K Carbon Fibre.



  • Length 550mm.
  • Width 35mm.
  • Height 47mm.
  • Weight 980g.
  • Material Alluminium body with Carbon Fibre skin.



  • Height 650mm (750mm).
  • Depth 128mm (128mm).
  • Weight 1100g (1300g).
  • Material 3K Carbon Fibre with Alluminium thread body.


Plate Mount.

  • Length 350mm.
  • Width 140mm.
  • Weight 640g.
  • Material 3K Carbon Fibre with Alluminium bolt recess.


Overall Specifications.

  • Length 820mm.
  • Width 862mm.
  • Height 710mm (820mm).
  • Weight 4.21kg (4.41kg).


Bolts & Fixings.

  • The kit contains everthing you need to attach the foil to your board (board not supplied).