C-Skins Women's Thermal Rash Vest.

C-Skins Women's Thermal Rash Vest.

C-Skins Ladies Polypro HDI Short Sleeve Thermal Rash Vest 2021.


The new C-Skins Ladies Polypro HDi Short Sleeve Thermal Rash Vest is light, durable and comfy. Ideal for all water sports and beach going activities. Featuring high density insulation fabric used in PolyPro for extra warmth. This rash vest has amazing thermal properties while remaining lightweight for added comfort. It also helps to draw water away from the body to keep you warmer and can be worn on its own or even underneath a wetsuit. This rash vest can be used as part of your thermal layering system, as a rash vest or as UV protection in hotter/sunnier climates, or when the water gets that extra bit colder and layering up is needed.


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