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2019 Kalu Keia 8'x26"x4"

For sale is our Ex-demo Kalu Keia in pink. The board is 9 months old and in fantastic condition. This board will come with its remaining 15 months of warranty.


The 8'x26"x4" Kalu Keia iSup is our entry level Children's board, designed for the youngest of paddlers, age 4-10 yrs.


Ideal for paddlers, up to 55kg, It's narrow contour allows children to practice a more proficient paddle stroke and technique. When compared to children using a wider board that is designed for adults, the Kalu Keia is much faster through the water with a far superior glide and far more responsive when changing direction. The outline maintains a stable platform over the full length of the board, a great asset when moving around the board, pivot turning or playing in the surf for example.


The narrow width of the KAlu Keia also mean that your child is getting the full Stand up Paddleboarding experience. When they paddle an adult's board, very little effort, if any, is required to stay ballanced. At Turtle Bay, we want children to develop all the skills that the sport demands.


Constructed using the latest in heat fused double layer technology, the same tech that you will see the biggest brands using, This board is tough and durable, with increased rigidity and reduced weight, when compared to conventional double skinned boards. Its compact size means that it is light enough for your child to carry to the water by themselves.


The board's nose located valve means that packing away after use is incredibly easy. Combined with the easy access backpack, children can now manage their own equpment.


This demo board includes:

Our stylish and practical wheeled storage backpack

Adjustable children's paddle

Two stage hand pump

Removable fin (US fin box)

Heavy Duty Coil leash

Repair kit.