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Prototype to Production.

Turtle Bay Paddleboards is passionate about the racing scene. We don't just sell raceboards, we race them too! From the amount of rocker at the nose, to the amount of stability offered at the tail, it's all designed based on our passion and experience of racing. With our 14' iSup Racer, we first built prototypes, tested them in various conditions and refined where necessary. The actual prototype In the picture is the 14'x23", possibly one of the narrowest iSup racers in existence. On flat water the results were pretty spectacular, giving far more stability than was expected. So our production models, arriving soon, will be available in 3 sizes. A 14'x26", 14'x24.5" and a 14'x23". We also have one other special board arriving. Given that the 23" worked so well, we're pushing the limits again and will be testing a 14'x21.5"!!! We'll let you know how that performs.

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