Meet the Team

Graeme Williams.

Brand Owner & Director,

SUP Enthusiast,

SUP Endurance Racer,

SUP Coach,

SUP Surfer,

SUP Club Captain.

"I love seeing the enjoyment people get from Paddleboarding. Whether it's from catching a wave, finishing a race, completeing a challenge, soaking up the serenity or feeling that first glide. But I want this pastime to be more accessible to kids and for them to have a more enjoyable Paddling experience. For this, they need boards that suit their size.  Kid's boards are crucial to the growth and longevity of this wonderful sport."

Jacques Thomas.

Team Rider,

Jersey SUPer Grom Racer,

SUP Surfer,

2018 Grom Series Champion.

Jacques is a super talented Paddler! He is always in the mix at races, even against those that are older than him. He frequently wins too. He races on the Turtle Bay Wiki-Wiki 10'5x23".

Florrie Williams.

Team Rider,

1066 SUP Club Team Racer,

SUP Surfer.

Florrie loves anything to do with the water and all the creatures that live in it. She got her first taste of SUP Surfing this year. Florrie races on the Turtle Bay Wiki-Wiki 10'x23" and SUP Surfs a Kalu Keia 8'x26". Florrie is also sponsored by the Funky Seal Wetsuit Company.

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